Best wedding bands Ireland

Best wedding bands Ireland [ Update 2022 ]

The Best Wedding Bands in Ireland
Who are the top wedding bands in Ireland, Keith? Couples who have hired me to record their wedding frequently ask me this question. It’s time for the evening entertainment once the vows have been exchanged, the speeches have been completed, and the party is about to start.

This is so much more than just music. I get to watch a diverse selection of bands from a variety of genres being an Irish wedding cameraman. Most are respectable, but a few really jump out as having that extra touch. However, one cannot account for taste. Let’s face it: picking a wedding band is a very personal decision.

I recently wrote an article about Ireland’s top wedding photographers. On the people I’ve worked with thus far, that post was founded. It’s the same with this post on Ireland’s top wedding bands. I’m only able to discuss musicians who I’ve really seen perform at weddings.

Best Wedding Bands in Ireland

There is a small disclaimer that must be made before we proceed. In Ireland, there are probably hundreds of wedding bands. Not all of them have I seen. Additionally, I often only attend the first 15 minutes of the band’s performance at any given wedding. This is just long enough to get a decent idea of how they start, but not long enough to get an idea of how they perform throughout the entire event. That is a crucial point.
Having said that, I have seen a lot of bands come and go since I started working in the wedding market in late 2004. By this point, I believe I have a fair understanding of what makes a good band for a wedding.

I’m sure I left off a few good bands from the list below. I’m sorry, but that was not my aim. Please let me know in the comments below if I’ve missed someone who should be included.

I’ll stop with the disclaimer now. Let’s go on to my selection of the Irish wedding bands that have left a favorable impression on me.

Arthur Band

Arthur Wedding Band is a bunch of young, energetic, and talented musicians. Some say they’re one of the best modern wedding bands in Ireland at the moment. They’re also very friendly and approachable. I saw them playing at a K Club wedding and they really rocked the place.

Their website: click to visit

Blue Moose

The Blue Moose wedding band has been around for a long time and they’re well respected in the industry. They have a large repertoire of songs and the lead singer has a great vocal range. I’ve seen Blue Moose play at a Ballymagarvey Village wedding and also at Johnstown House Hotel.

Their website: click to visit

Connor McKeon Band

The Connor McKeon Wedding Band has an excellent reputation built up over many years. They’ve performed on The Late Late Show. They play a wide range of music designed to keep guests dancing away right to the very end. I saw them playing at a Druids Glen Hotel wedding and they did not disappoint.

Their website: click to visit

Pink Champagne Wedding Band

I know the lads from Pink Champagne Wedding Band for a long time. What a cool band! They’re versatile, energetic and they pride themselves on filling the dance floor. From what I see, they always deliver on that promise. They’re one of the best bands that play weddings in Ireland. They have an ultra-fast set up too, so you won’t be waiting long for the party to kick-off!

Their website: click to visit

Sway Social

I regularly see Sway Social Wedding Band at events. They’re a very popular band with a cool disco vibe going on. Recently, I saw Sway Social play a wedding at Mount Juliet Estate in Kilkenny.

Their website: click to visit

Spring Break 80s

For something completely different, you’d want to check out Spring Break 80s wedding band. These guys know how to entertain! Dressed in full 1980s costume, they really do look the part. They have a great repertoire of music from the eighties, a genre that is popular with multiple generations. I recently saw Spring Break 80s play at a wedding in Horetown House and the guests were blown away by them.

Their website: click to visit

The Controversial Allstars

The Controversial Allstars have a super line-up of talented musicians and are fronted by former Picture House singer, Dave Browne. Musically, they’re very tight and you’re guaranteed to be entertained all night long. I recently bumped into the Controversial All Stars Wedding Band at a Virginia Lodge wedding.

Their website: click to visit

The Favours

The Favours Wedding Band is a four-piece group of very experienced and talented musicians. They’re considered by many as being among the top wedding bands in Ireland. The band’s frontman, Mick, always creates a great buzz in the room just as the couple makes their way to the dance floor for their very first dance together. They have a superb repertoire of songs from oldies to modern stuff and their four-part vocal harmonies are a real joy to hear.

Their website: click to visit

The Mixtape

I don’t know the lads from The Mixtape Wedding Band as well as I know the other bands on this list but they earn a well-deserved inclusion here. I’ve seen them perform at a couple of weddings and they were great!

Their website: click to visit

The Panoramics

The Panoramics Wedding Band is a lovely group of lads from West Wicklow. I regularly see them at weddings and the last time was at a Shelbourne Hotel wedding. You’ll find they have a fresh and dynamic feel to their set. The dance floor will be pumping! The Panoramics also offer a package for ceremony music.

Their website: click to visit

The Ratzingers

The Ratzingers Wedding Band is an award-winning top band with a female lead singer. They have great energy in their performances and cover songs from so many genres. It’s always great to see them play at weddings.

Their website: click to visit

The Suite

The Suite Wedding Band are a happy-go-lucky bunch of sharply-dressed musicians who are ready to rock your wedding! They cover everything from pop, rock, country to waltzes, funk, and soul. There’s something there for everyone!

Their website: click to visit

Deciding on the right wedding band can be confusing. There are many incredible bands out there to choose from and lots of different factors to consider.

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