Can you wear white shoes to a wedding?

Can you wear white shoes to a wedding?

It’s not every day you get invited to a wedding. Aside from celebrating love, many people see marriage as an opportunity to show off their best side. However, there are many rules of etiquette to keep in mind; One of the most common questions asked when planning an outfit is “Can you wear white shoes to a wedding?”.

Traditionally, guests are discouraged from wearing white to ensure undeniable attention to the bride. However, this part of the etiquette refers mainly to the whole outfit or clothing; white accessories and accents such as jewellery and shoes are acceptable. Based on that, yes, you can wear white shoes to a wedding.

Below are 5 rules for wearing white shoes to a wedding you’re invited to, as well as a few outfit ideas you can use as inspiration. Finally, here are some points to keep in mind when wearing white shoes to a wedding.

Rules for wearing white shoes for a wedding

1- Avoid an all-white outfit

As mentioned above, guests are advised to avoid predominantly white attire. Although couples now have more freedom in terms of wedding traditions, white wedding dresses are still a popular and favourite choice. Thus, an all-white ensemble on guests will make them appear to be brides, which risks drawing attention away from the bride.

If you want to wear your favourite pair of white shoes, consider changing up the colour scheme of your outfit. The advantage of white accessories is that they go with any colour; wearing white shoes gives you more flexibility in terms of colour coordination.

2- Avoid wearing white shoes to an outdoor wedding

For practical reasons, it is not recommended to wear white shoes to an outdoor wedding. This applies to weddings in national parks, camping trips, and any other outdoor weddings. It’s best if you wear a pair of shoes suitable for walking in large numbers. Also, you can wear shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

3- Avoid wearing white shoes during certain seasons

In particular, it is not recommended to wear white shoes in autumn and winter. Slush, mud and snow can ruin the look and integrity of your shoes.

4- Consult the dress code

Every wedding is different; it is necessary to take into account the schedule, venue, theme, degree of officiality and other factors. According to the above factors, couples set a dress code for their special day. You can see it on the wedding invitation, on social media, or on the wedding website.

While dress codes usually state “formal”, “smart casual” or “casual”, some are more specific. For example, some ceremonies and receptions have an all-white dress code that requires guests to wear an all-white ensemble.

While it may conflict with other rules being discussed, the dress code the couple prefers will always take precedence.

5- Be culturally aware of the couple

In many Western cultures, white is associated with marriage, peace, and the idea of ​​purity. These symbols make white wedding dresses a frequent choice for brides from such cultures.

These five points above are the best answer to your question, Can you wear white shoes to a wedding?

However, in some Eastern cultures, white does not have the same meaning. In China, Korea and other countries, white is interpreted as a symbol of despair and sorrow. White is often seen at funerals and other rituals associated with mourning.

Knowledge of cultural characteristics is very important, especially if the couple belongs to different walks of life. This explains why some brides refuse to wear a white dress. As a guest, this is not an invitation to wear white yourself.

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