Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget

fall wedding ideas on a budget
Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Fall is a season that celebrates the beauty of nature. You can use inexpensive, harvest-inspired items to decorate your reception, and you can even make your own wedding favors to save money. These ideas will not only make your day memorable, but will also bring the natural beauty of fall indoors.

Embrace the beauty of nature with fall wedding ideas on a budget

Fall wedding ideas are a beautiful way to incorporate the season into any wedding. From outdoor ceremonies on the mountainside to rustic barn wedding celebrations, fall weddings can include elements of nature that make them special and unique. Fall weddings can also be held in a traditional wedding venue, such as a chapel or a ballroom reception hall.

Autumn is one of the most romantic seasons to tie the knot. The cooler temperatures are perfect for outdoor weddings, and the fall colors are beautiful and versatile for decor. It’s no wonder that this season is one of the most popular times to get married!

Decorate with harvest items

Fall weddings are a beautiful time of year and fall color schemes can incorporate items from nature. Harvest items such as pumpkins, tree trunks and fallen leaves add dramatic style to your decor. However, decorating with these items can quickly break your wedding budget. To save money on fall wedding decorations, consider using items found around the house.

Fall leaves and other natural items make excellent free decorations. Use them to line the aisle or place on tables. Alternatively, you can purchase framed pieces of wood and hang them on the walls as wedding favors.

Decorate with inexpensive items

If you’re on a budget, you can still decorate with inexpensive items for a fall wedding. For example, lace tablecloths in sets of ten will add a nice touch to your reception venue. You can also use landscape pebbles on decorative plates to make centerpieces that won’t blow away. Another inexpensive lighting option is paper lanterns strung on fishing line.

Another great way to decorate with inexpensive items is by using fallen branches, which are readily available during fall. You can also use these for aisle markers. Just make sure to harvest these from the ground and not from live trees. Alternatively, you can use glass vases from the dollar store and decorate them with a few flowers or crystals. For a more rustic feel, you can also use macrame rope. Wrapping a cinnamon stick with yarn and tying it to a candle will add a casual touch to your table. Combine this with wooden place settings and a scattering of fall leaves, and you’ve got a beautiful, inexpensive, and easy wedding decor idea.

Make your own favors

Using inexpensive materials can make wedding favors look elegant and classy without breaking the bank. For example, you can make wedding favors from miniature glass planters and add succulents and cacti to them. You can also personalize them with a ribbon and paper. Another great option is to give guests tree seedlings or plantable bags with seeds. You can easily buy seedlings for $2 or less. Once they have sprouted, you can use labels and ribbon to decorate them.

You can also create wedding favors from baked goods. Instead of buying boxes of sweets, you can make a few yourself. One of the most popular types of baked goods is cake. You can put a cute note inside each one.

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