fall wedding ideas on a budget

Fall wedding ideas on a budget

There are so many virtues of a fall wedding: beautiful colors, perfect weather, and delicious food. Plus, there are plenty of fall wedding ideas on a budget that will help your wedding be special without breaking the bank.

Fall wedding ideas on a budget

If you’re trying to plan an inexpensive wedding, the first thing to do is rethink the typical reception. A traditional wedding with dinner and dancing in a ballroom or banquet hall is the most expensive type of wedding. If your budget is not large enough for this, you can plan your fall wedding elsewhere or serve a different dish:

If you want to have dinner at your wedding, you can stay on budget by choosing a community center, church hall, or private home for your wedding reception.

In such places, you can find inexpensive catering. Or you can plan to prepare your wedding treat in a do-it-yourself or semi-do-it-yourself fashion.

Another way to save money is to schedule your fall wedding at a different time and serve different dishes. You can start your wedding early in the day and schedule a brunch or lunch.

Or start the ceremony in the afternoon and schedule a dessert-only reception or cocktail party with drinks and appetizers.

What time should the fall wedding start?

When planning a fall wedding, you can choose any start time, depending on the type of wedding you are planning. If you are planning a reception with dinner, you can have a wedding ceremony in the afternoon and start the wedding reception at 18:00.

If you’ve booked a scenic location, choose your wedding time based on the view and the convenience of your guests.

If you have chosen an outdoor wedding location with beautiful autumn leaves, you can have the ceremony in the morning and have brunch or lunch afterward. If it’s too chilly for a morning ceremony, hold it in the afternoon and then have dinner, dessert reception or cocktail party.

Fall wedding themes

If you want to make planning your wedding a whole lot easier, start by choosing the style and theme for your fall wedding. You have to make a lot of decisions and buy a lot of things. If you have a style and theme you want to stick with, this will help you narrow down your choices. Having a theme will also help your wedding look classy and thoughtful.

Choosing a style is simply a decision about how formal you want your fall wedding to be. Do you want to plan a formal, semi-formal or casual wedding?

When you start thinking about a wedding theme, it can be as simple or complex as you like. You can simply choose a color and then match it with bridesmaid dresses, jewelry and flowers. Or a wedding theme can be a broad idea that will help you choose a specific style, such as elegant, rustic or boho.

Another option is to choose a specific theme that you will stick to when choosing your wedding invitations, decorations, and flowers. Specific themes might be autumn leaves, sunflowers, or pumpkins.

Fall Ceremony Decor on Budget

When you’re deciding on a decor for your wedding venue, start by determining which areas you need to decorate. Be sure to check the decorating rules at your wedding venue and then decide how much you plan on:

If you are getting married in a church, you will probably be allowed to decorate the ends of each pew and add some floral arrangements to the altar or signature table.

If you are getting married at a reception venue, your decorations will depend on which venue you have rented. In some places, you will be able to decorate the archway, chairs, and passage.

If you are getting married outdoors, then the décor will be considered the main part of your décor. But if the wedding is in a wide open space, you need to add a focal point. The focal point will help keep the attention of your guests at the ceremony. Make or rent an arch, cross, chuppa, or altar to give you a place to stand during your wedding.

If you choose to decorate the aisle, you can define it by placing decorative items at the end of each row of chairs. Or you can mark a passage by scattering fall flower petals or leaves along it.

  • Inexpensive aisle decor:
  • Lanterns
  • Candles
  • stumps
  • mason jars
  • flower arrangements
  • Greens
  • flower petals
  • oak leaves
  • Maple leaves
  • gingko leaves

Decorations for fall wedding receptions

If you have space at the entrance to your wedding reception, you can plan for larger décor to match your style or theme. For a rustic theme, you can choose items such as hay bales and wooden decor. If you want a more elegant wedding style, you can paint small boxes or stairs white and then add flowers, framed photos, or other pretty decorations.

For more easy and affordable ideas for decorating your own wedding, read the following article “DIY wedding ideas on a budget”: DIY wedding decor, flowers and decorations

  • Inexpensive decor for an autumn wedding reception:
    hay bales
  • direction signs
  • wooden pallets
  • Wooden boxes
  • small stairs
  • Plants in pots
  • Framed paintings
  • Lanterns
  • Candles

Decorations for a fall wedding on a budget
Making your own centerpieces is a great way to save money on decorating a fall wedding. You can shop online or at local craft or discount stores. Look for items that match your style and theme. You can find all kinds of glassware, such as vases, candy dishes or jars. Plus lots of colorful decorations like silk flowers, candles, runners or fabrics.

If you can’t find items in the color you want, schedule several painting projects to paint the items you find. Small pumpkins and gourds are cheap to use as decor for a fall wedding. Painted in gold or silver, they can be a beautiful and elegant way to fill a space in a decor.

Inexpensive do-it-yourself centerpieces:

  • silk flowers
  • Greens
  • Table tracks
  • small mirrors
  • mini pumpkins
  • Apples
  • Autumn leaves
  • Feathers
  • Pampas grass
  • Candles
  • tea lanterns
  • Confetti

Autumn wedding menu

Fall Wedding Meal Ideas on a Budget
When planning your fall wedding menu, try to choose dishes that will warm and soothe your guests. An easy way to stay on budget is to offer classic wedding dishes: soup, salad, chicken, and pasta. And then spice it up with a fun but inexpensive addition, like an apple pie buffet or caramel apple station.

If you’re on a very tight budget, you can plan your Thanksgiving party as an inexpensive fall wedding. You will have to cook enough turkey for all the guests and then ask them to bring garnishes instead of gifts.

If you’d rather skip the buffet, more budget-friendly ideas for a fall wedding could include a wedding reception with cocktails or a reception with desserts. Keep the theme alive by offering hot cocoa or mulled wine. Plus fall desserts like apple pies, cinnamon donuts or pumpkin pie.

Inexpensive food ideas for a fall wedding

  • Create your own caramel apple station
  • S’mores Station
  • hot cocoa bar
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot Apple Cider Bar
  • sangria station
  • Buffet with pies
  • Cookie table

Fall wedding cake toppers

When choosing a fall wedding cake, you can choose to match the colors, style, or theme you have chosen for your wedding. If you’re on a tight budget, you can order a plain white wedding cake and add a topper that matches your style or theme. You can find cake toppers with any theme, from a rustic wooden topper to a floral set to match your bridal bouquet.

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