How do you plan a wedding with a budget of ten thousand dollars?

A lot of factors can affect your 10k wedding plan, how many guests are you

planning to have, that will be a major factor to consider, and take into account

your choice of venue and food serving will also make a big impact on your


Set your non-negotiables and prioritize those for the rest approach with an open mind

and explore possible creative options, because this is where you can cut costs, but anything is possible for a 10k wedding plan here are things that you might want to consider.

The first is to do a cocktail-style wedding instead of a full dinner, meaning you can serve packaged appetizers which is also a great idea.

Next on the list is to consider a shorter wedding reception which is about four to five hours only.

The third is considered a minimalist bar or maybe a DIY bar station as opposed to an open bar.

Another thing that you might want to look at is to set up your own playlist and set up your own entertainment, yes this might be a lot of work but if we are tight on the budget this is

something that can be really helpful.

plan a wedding with a budget of $10K

You can also consider renting a small studio or buying out a restaurant instead of renting a venue or banquet studios and restaurants with in-house chairs and tables will allow events

where you can bring in your own speaker and they usually already have in-house catering.

We linked all these points as well as other helpful guides to help you plan your 10k wedding.

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