How many wedding venues should you look at

How many wedding venues should you look at

First of all, there isn’t a magic number for how many places you should go; or the exact answer for How many wedding venues should you look at instead, it’s crucial to make sure you’re looking at the correct places that will probably be a good fit for you.

Some couples will watch two or three movies, while others would see four or five.

Viewing numerous locations is useless if they are either out of your price range, unsuitable for the number of guests you are expecting, or possibly entirely booked when your wedding is scheduled.

The criteria for your wedding, a rough guest list, your wedding budget, and how much is set aside for the venue, food, and drink are all vital. Do you want to wed in the upcoming year or the one after? Are you willing to consider having your wedding the next year if the venue has dates available the following year?

Do you want a beach wedding? If so, what kind of setting? A small-scale woods wedding? a farmhouse? a large barn wedding? On-site lodging is available? Would you prefer to bring your dogs to your wedding? Does it allow pets?

When looking for your wedding venue and scheduling a viewing, it helps to have criteria and a plan in the back of your mind.

When you include in travel time, the time it takes to be shown around, and of course making time for lunch, there are only so many viewings you can see in a day or weekend. It is a good idea to seriously attempt to narrow down your shortlist and perhaps schedule viewings for your top 3. This is because you can quickly become frustrated and exhausted while viewing numerous places.

The venue will be set up and decorated during open days, making it simpler to visualize how it could appear and the available space. Open days are another excellent chance to examine a venue and also see other vendors there.

It is best to reevaluate your criteria at this stage since it is quite easy for you both to start losing the excitement and magic once you start viewing more than 10 venues. Do you have excessive expectations? Are you two in agreement? Additionally, are you choosing your places wisely enough?


What if you already know the location you want to get married at? It may be your ideal location, and you’ve had it on your mind for years.

Is it advisable to watch more so you can compare? It is up to you; if you adore the location, book it. It is your day, and if getting married there is part of your desire and vision, do so.

Consider why you want to get married there in the first place if you are scared and want to make sure it is the ideal location for you. What about it do you like, and what could be done to improve it?

Of course, you can browse online for several locations that are comparable to this one or nearby, and if you find one that captures your attention, you should consider scheduling a viewing.

Remember to bring a list of questions when you view a location. You may have know some of the answers from their website, but bring it nonetheless so you can take notes. It also makes it simpler to compare notes and venues after you get home.

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