how much is a dj for a wedding

How much is a DJ for a wedding

It’s likely that you want the dance floor at your reception to be busy all night. Therefore, it’s crucial to work with top-notch entertainment. A live band at a wedding costs more than your aunt singing covers, but the expense is justified. Professional wedding DJs are more expensive than your brother creating a Spotify playlist. These wedding professionals are masters at gauging the crowd and maintaining a fantastic music flow so that your guests can rock out on the dance floor all night long.

However, what is the price of a wedding DJ? And what is the price of a live band at a wedding? There is no easy solution. The best way to receive a price estimate from any wedding vendors you’re interested in is to directly visit with them. As part of The Knot Real Weddings Study, we polled over 15,000 couples to determine the average cost of wedding reception music in the previous year.

What Does a Wedding DJ Charge?

A wedding DJ is the perfect option for you if you prefer a wide range of genres, styles, and artists. Although the cost of a wedding DJ varies, on average, couples paid $1,400 on this service in 2017.

Our data show that this represents a marginal increase over prior years; in 2019, the national average price for a wedding DJ was $1,200. Of course, the cost of the wedding DJ will vary depending on the length of the booking (will the DJ provide music for the ceremony and cocktail hour? ), the number of DJs, and the quantity of equipment needed. Given that they just consist of one or two persons, wedding DJs frequently cost less than live bands. The cost of a DJ also depends on where you are being married. Couples in the Mid-Atlantic region spent the most on a DJ (about $2,000), while those in the Southwestern region paid the least (just over $1,000). However, because each DJ (and DJ firm) is unique and has a different pricing structure, it is better to check with them directly.

However, the majority of couples believe it to be a worthwhile expenditure as 67 percent of them said they had a wedding DJ last year. The variety of music the seller provides for your event is probably what makes them so well-liked. Your favorite ’90s flashback, your current pop infatuation, and your extra-special first dance song may all be rocked out to by a fantastic DJ. Wedding DJs can also serve as the event’s emcee, which can assist maintain the party’s excitement throughout the night (read: more people out on the dance floor). Additionally, some DJs can offer other services like picture booths and uplighting.

What Is the Price of a Live Band for a Wedding?

On your wedding day, a live band, however, gives guests a truly unforgettable experience. We advise hiring a live wedding band since they are skilled musicians with previous wedding experience, which means they know how to command the space. However, such knowledge is not free. An internal analysis determined that the price of a live band at a wedding is $4,300, an increase of $600 from 2019. This expenditure on live music is probably associated with a heightened emphasis on the guest experience. Due to the fact that dance parties were previously impossible due to the epidemic, guests are now going all out for entertainment, even if it means spending more money from the wedding budget.

This cost might vary significantly because it can rely on a wide range of elements, including the size of the band, the number of booked hours, and the equipment needed. Even while live bands may cost more than a DJ would, couples still adore having them perform at their weddings. According to our research, live music was played at 13% of wedding receptions in 2021, albeit regional differences do exist. A live band played at almost 20% of Mid-Atlantic weddings, while just 10% of ceremonies in the Midwest had live music.

The fact that you and your guests can listen to live music all night long is a significant benefit of hiring a wedding band. Live bands are quite knowledgeable about several genres, whereas you might have a limited range of artists. For the wedding of your dreams, they can put together a playlist of lively dancing tunes and sultry slow ballads. In addition, most wedding bands are open to accommodating any particular needs (like that song you and you S.O. were listening when you had your first kiss). These outstanding musicians will not only play an unforgettable show, but they will also contribute to maintaining the atmosphere in the room.

So, DJ or Wedding Band? (Or either)

You and your partner are free to choose how to proceed. Consider the music you want to hear at your reception if you’re having trouble making a decision during the preparation phase for your wedding. A DJ may be the best option if Whitney Houston must sing at your reception against all odds. But a wedding band might be your best option if you’d prefer to hear a unique guitar solo performed live. In either case, these wedding experts will guarantee that your dance floor will be crowded the whole evening.

You don’t have to decide between a DJ and a band, of course. You can reserve both professionals if you want them for your wedding reception. For the ultimate wedding celebration, divide the time between a band and a DJ. Alternatively, you can use one vendor for the reception and a another one for the after-party. In either case, you’ll experience all the thrill of live music as well as the diversity a DJ provides. That’s a compromise, huh?

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