How to Accessorize a Navy Blue Dress For a Wedding

how to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding

A navy blue dress can look classy and sophisticated with the right accessories. You can play with the neckline, sleeve lengths, and print of your navy blue dress. You can also accessorize it with an embellished headband or hair pins – pearl or jeweled hairpins are whimsical choices. You can also add a chunkier chain necklace to add edge to your ensemble, or an ornate cuff bracelet to add drama to your puffy sleeved dress.

Adding silver jewelry

When deciding on the type of jewelry to wear with your navy blue dress, keep in mind that not all silver jewelry works with navy. While you can certainly use a bit of silver to enhance your look, you should keep the overall look consistent. If you do choose to wear a bit of silver, you should avoid pearly pieces. Instead, opt for bolder pieces like silver plated belts and large necklaces.

Another option is to wear a silver necklace with your navy dress. A silver necklace will add a touch of glamor to your ensemble. However, you should remember to wear a small silver purse with a silver pair of shoes, as a big purse will overpower the overall look of your outfit.

Adding a white purse

A white purse is the perfect way to dress up a navy blue dress and give it a splash of color. You can choose a small clutch to hold your wedding essentials or a large structured bag to carry the rest of your accessories. You can also go for a small shoulder bag if you’re looking for versatility.

A white purse with silver shoes will liven up your navy dress. Make sure the purse is small, however, because a larger purse will overwhelm your dress. To finish the look, add silver or gold jewelry.

Adding a red sash belt

When you choose a navy blue dress for your wedding, there are several ways to add a pop of color. A sash belt can add a subtle pop of color to your dress. A belt made of rose gold or other colored material can complement your other wedding accessories. A simple lace belt can also add a pop of color to your dress.

If you are unsure of how to wear red on your wedding day, you should remember the cultural significance of this color. It represents success, loyalty, and honor in many cultures. While it may not be worn as often in Western cultures, red is still a bold color that stands out.

Adding a red purse

Adding a red purse to a blue dress can make the outfit look a little more exciting. Not all weddings are held in sunny locations or temperature-controlled buildings, so be aware of the climate and wear layers to make the look more elegant.

Red and pink are complementary colors and look great together. A bright, deep red can be paired with a burgundy or blush shade. Pink and red also look great with a rose gold or blush color.

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