How to display cookies at a wedding

How to display cookies at a wedding

A cookie bar is the ideal setting to learn how to present cookies at a wedding. You will learn how to display cookies at a wedding for an attractive and memorable dessert station at your wedding in this article.

How Are Cookies Displayed At A Wedding?

  1. Step 1: Organize a table

Your cookie table should be placed in a cool location of the reception; it can also be placed adjacent to the cake table so that visitors can easily get to these treats.

Cover the cookie table with a tablecloth that goes with the wedding reception’s color scheme or is a pastel shade, which is frequently associated with desserts.

Feel free to adorn the cookie table with additional decorations to coordinate with the other food tables in the reception area.

  1. Prepare the cards

Create name cards for each variety of cookie to let the guests know.

Use a notecard and fold it in half so it stands upright; you may either scribble or print the cookie’s name as long as it is readable and complements the design of the dessert station.

In case some guests have allergies, you can also list the primary components for each cookie below the name cards.

  1. Position the cookies.

Prepare the cookie containers in advance depending on the type of cookie, the size of the table, and the design you choose; some popular cookie containers at weddings are canisters, trays, baskets, stacked stands, and boxes.

Place the cookies in the appropriate order, with their names up front.

They can be arranged in alternating rows or in a single, straight line.

To assist guests, place plates and napkins at the end of the cookie bar.

Place the boxes at the opposite end of the table, near the exit from the celebration, if you’re also giving out cookies as wedding favors.

  • Step Four: Adorn the cookie bar.

Step aside from the cookie bar once it has been set up and evaluate how the dessert station as a whole looks.

You can fill certain gaps with floral arrangements.

Ribbons or burlap strips can also be used to decorate the containers.

Use the colors and materials from the wedding as inspiration

If there are a lot of children attending the wedding, some may even add dips for the cookies or candies for guests to decorate the cookies themselves.

Which Cookies Work Best for a Wedding?

The type of cookies you serve at your wedding will depend on how many guests you expect. To give everyone a choice, you might think about a flavor that differs from your other wedding desserts.

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There are also typical cookies served at weddings in several cultures. They include Spanish Alfajores, Italian biscotti, French Madeleines, and Mexican wedding sweets.

  • Cookies with chocolate chips
  • cookies with chocolate
  • Avocado cookies
  • Meringue biscuits
  • Cookie dough
  • Cookies with peanut butter
  • A jam cookie
  • nut cookies
  • sweet biscuits
  • Macarons

Additionally, you can offer cookies with flavors and shapes associated with the location of the wedding. And if there are lots of youngsters, they will undoubtedly enjoy a cookie bar with simple cookies that they may customize with their favorite additions.

Will you prepare the entire wedding menu? For helpful advice, read how to cater your own wedding.

How Should Cookies Be Served At A Wedding?

Dessert buffet

To serve cookies during a wedding, a designated table should be set up. For those who might not enjoy the other desserts, it can be an interactive bar with supplies for decorating cookies or just a selection of mouthwatering sweets.

Welcome presents

Particularly for destination weddings, guests will value receiving a goodie bag upon arrival. So why not give them a cookie that is popular there?

menu cards

Cookies make excellent writing surfaces. As a result, you can use them as place cards for guests at the entryway.

Table centerpieces and décor

If your cookies are simply too lovely to eat, you can use them as table decorations. They could even serve as table centerpieces.

alternative to cake

Cookies can be used in place of cakes and cupcakes for those who don’t like them. To exhibit cookies with a wedding theme, choose a tier stand.

party favors

Additionally, you might provide your guests with cookies as wedding favors. Don’t forget to mark the cookies to let the guests know they are freebies when you place the cookie table by the exit.

For a wedding cookie table, how many cookies are required?

It’s difficult to specify how many cookies you must purchase for a wedding. The other desserts you’ll serve and whether the guest will even enjoy cookies must be taken into account, though.

In light of this, five to six cookies per visitor ought to be a good place to start. In the event that there are any leftovers, consider using them as wedding favors.

How many different cookie varieties you serve at a wedding dessert bar depends depend on whether you also serve other desserts. Two to three should be sufficient, and one could even be the couple’s preferred flavor.


Was this information useful? Recap: You can set up a cookie table to display cookies during a wedding.

Don’t forget to include name cards for each variety of cookie, and feel free to decorate the station to match the other wedding tables. Please feel free to add any more suggestions for wedding cookies in the comments section as well.

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