How to fly with a wedding dress

How to fly with a wedding dress

The challenges of traveling with my wedding dress were one of the last things on my mind when I was organizing our destination wedding. Yeah, I didn’t really consider that one. How to fly with a wedding dress

Don’t worry if this is making you really anxious. Not as awful as you may imagine. It’s not the first or last time a bride has traveled in her wedding gown—and it won’t be the last either!

Flying in your wedding dress will be simple with the right preparation, a garment bag, and a cheerful outlook.

I hope these suggestions for packing your wedding dress will help you feel more at peace. These tips will enable you to be totally ready when it comes to flying and bringing your dress to your wedding venue!

I was really worried about bringing my dress on the airplane and that it wouldn’t be destroyed.

Which is kind of ironic considering that I essentially shoved it in a suitcase on the way home.

In order to be totally prepared, let’s look at some of the greatest advice on how to transport your wedding gown!

Can I Travel in My Wedding Gown?

Absolutely! This is the most convenient, secure, and preferred method for you to carry your clothing. It’s frequently referred to as your carry-on or personal item and will probably be kept in the overhead bin.

Check your airline’s carry-on regulations in advance.
Make careful to double verify your airline’s policy before bringing your wedding dress on board because every airline has a different one.

While other airlines have a closet you can hang it in, some may ask you to store it in the overhead compartment. Other airlines have a special dress-only overhead compartment. Call them and ask about their wedding dress policy if you can’t locate what you’re looking for online.

Is a bridal gown considered a carry-on item?
Additionally, you will encounter conflicting information regarding whether your wedding gown is a carry-on item OR a personal item—there is a major difference! Therefore, it pays (literally) to be ready before boarding to avoid unexpected costs.

Purchase a travel clothing bag
Making sure you have a reliable garment bag to transport your wedding dress is one of the greatest things you can do.

You have two options: either bring your wedding dress in the garment bag provided by your bridal shop (like I did! ), or buy a garment bag that can accommodate a lot, lot more than simply your dress.

Many brides claim that these particular garment bags are a lifeline. WallyBags makes the top travel case for wedding dresses. These WallyBags garment bags have a ton of storage capacity, which is great because airlines often classify garment bags as personal items! They can hang in your airline’s closet or fold in half and fit neatly in the overhead compartment (more on this later!).

Now, there is a significant gap between brides who have utilized WallyBags and those who haven’t. People who have used it have raved about it and liked it, while those who haven’t said they’re OK without it (I was one of them, and I can’t tell the difference!) have said they’re fine without it.

What Wallybags Garment Bag size should I purchase?
You can cram SO MUCH into a WallyBags garment bag. You travel with your wedding dress, make sure to select the 66 inch size, which is what most brides do.

You can fit your wedding gown inside of it, along with your shoes, HIS shoes, and his suit. Your exquisite bridal dress will fit nicely inside a garment bag (and specifically a WallyBag) without wrinkling throughout travel. There are numerous pockets for clothing, accessories, and even shoes.

Can’t I just use the garment bag my dress arrived in at my salon?

You very definitely can. I did, and everything was perfect.

However, the only thing you can really carry inside of it is the garment bags provided by the bridal salon because they aren’t waterproof. You can proceed if you’re comfortable with that.

You’ll need a little bit more space and protection with a garment bag if you wish to carry more clothing items as a personal item, like your fiance’s suit or wedding shoes.

Additionally, garment bags frequently include a carrying strap, which is quite helpful for moving around the airport. I had to uncomfortably carry my dress over my shoulder through the airport despite my mum sewing a loop so that my garment bag could fold in half.

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Possibilities for bringing your wedding dress on a plane
Not sure how you can travel with your wedding dress; what are your options? These are the most typical approaches to flying in a dress.

Your wedding gown should be kept in an overhead bin.
You’ll probably travel in this direction when traveling in your wedding dress. Though it may seem frightening, don’t freak out.

When we were traveling to Mexico for our wedding, I recall being the first to board. I recall being paranoid about leaving my dress unattended and keeping a close eye on the overhead bin.

I stayed until everybody was on board. Thankfully, our airline had a special overhead bag for wedding dresses, but I still had to share with another two brides. Mine was at the bottom, but even after a long day of traveling, I hung it up immediately in the closet, and it wasn’t even wrinkled!

If you have any questions regarding how to store your dress during flight, you may always phone your airline 24 hours before takeoff. Although some plans contain closets, it’s more likely that you’ll store everything up above. It’ll be alright. Believe me.

If the flight is packed, hold your dress over your lap as you wait for everyone to board. Laying your garment flat on top of the luggage in the overhead bins after everyone has boarded will prevent it from getting crushed.

Wedding dress luggage regulations for airlines
As of March 2022, these airline baggage regulations are still in effect. Before you leave for the airport, kindly double-check these rules. In some cases, brides have claimed that their wedding gowns qualify as their carry-on, so it’s a good idea to double check by calling your airline in advance!

Air Transat: One free carry-on bag and one personal item are included in the carry-on allowance. A wedding gown is regarded as a private thing. A bridal gown in a non-rigid garment bag that is no larger than 135 × 60 cm (53 x 23.5 in) may be placed flat in the overhead compartment or gently rolled up. No closet facilities are available on our airplane. You are allowed to bring a regular-sized carry-on bag together with the outfit.
Air Canada: The maximum amount of carry-on luggage is one free bag plus one personal item. Clothing bags are considered personal items. Wedding dresses are allowed to be brought on board and stored in the overhead compartment as long as the garment bag doesn’t exceed the carry-on weight restrictions.
Westjet: One free carry-on bag and one personal item are included in the carry-on allowance. Wedding clothes may be brought on board in a garment bag as a personal item, but you should be mindful that the cabin lacks closet space. To prevent wrinkles or damage, it is advised to wait until all other carry-on luggage has been loaded before putting your wedding dress on top.
Sunwing: The maximum amount of carry-on luggage is one free bag plus one personal item. Your wedding dress will be properly transported to your destination by Sunwing Airlines in a designated compartment onboard. On your flight, you’ll have access to a designated overhead bin for the bridesmaids’ and/or groomsmen’s attire. If you are bringing a wedding photographer, they will also be given an additional 10 kg of carry-on space for their camera gear. Verify all information with your travel advisor.
Delta: Each customer traveling with Delta is permitted to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item (such as a purse, laptop bag, or other item of similar size) free of charge. A minimum of one item must fit underneath the seat in front of you. After everyone has stowed their carry-on luggage, ask your flight attendant if there is space to hang it in the closet; if not, lay it flat in the overhead bins.
American Airlines: One carry-on bag and one personal item are permitted. If there is enough room, the crew will hang your dress for you, however this cannot be guaranteed on all flights because of the restricted wardrobe space.
United: One carry-on bag and one personal item are allowed. Passengers in basic economy are only permitted one carry-on bag. If there isn’t a closet onboard, call 24 hours in advance to inquire; otherwise, you’ll have to lay it flat in the overhead storage.
Southwest: One carry-on bag and one personal item are both allowed. You will need to keep your wedding dress in the overhead bin because there are no closets on board.

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