How to get your marriage license.

How to get your marriage license.

how to get your marriage license

The first recommendation we have is to call the county clerk’s office where the marriage

ceremony is taking place, and find out all about their specific procedures and

requirements. More than likely they’ll have you show up at some point in person,

show some photo ID, and you’ll probably have to have your birth certificate in

your Social Security card is handy.

Another thing you want to check on is making sure that you get your license in the

Correct county. 

For example, in Tennessee we’ll accept any county in this state if you’re getting married in the state of Tennessee, but if you’re doing a destination wedding in the Smoky Mountains and you’re from North Carolina, you better not bring your marriage license from that state because we won’t accept it.

You want to call the county clerk of the county you are getting married in where you’re actually holding the ceremony and see what their regulations are. 

More than likely you’ll have to pay a fee, but it sometimes can be discounted if you’ve 

also signed up for premarital counseling depending on what county you’re in.

You’ll also want to see if there are any time restraints. So in the state of Tennessee, once you apply for your marriage license, you have 30 days for the ceremony to take place otherwise it’s invalid. 

How to get your marriage license.

The ceremony has to take place with an ordained officiant and you can talk to your County Clerk about what specifically they accept as an ordainment. Different counties have different rules and online ordainment is not accepted at all county clerk’s offices. 

Usually, the marriage license has to be signed by your ordained minister, at least one witness, as well as the couple, and then it has to be returned to the local County Clerk’s office so they can file it in their office as well as give you a copy. For more expert wedding planning advice like this one, check our website here.

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