How to Have a Wedding Without Friends

How to Have a Wedding Without Friends

how to have a wedding without friends

If you’ve been dreaming of an intimate wedding without inviting a lot of friends and family, there are some things to keep in mind. First, announce your wedding early and give ample notice, so your friends have time to save the date. Another important tip is to arrange childcare for any children you’d like to invite.

Pre-wedding planning

Planning a wedding without your friends can be a challenge, but there are many ways to get help. Consider asking your family members or close friends to assist you. Some families have wedding planners who can help you find vendors and plan the wedding. There are also online groups and forums that can offer advice and support.

Make your wedding announcement as early as possible. It is best to give plenty of notice so that friends and family can save the date. You should also arrange for childcare for your guests if you have children.

Guest list

While it’s natural to want your friends to come to your wedding, you should also have a plan for when you don’t want to invite everyone you know. In many cases, it’s difficult to choose only a select group of friends, and limiting the number of people you invite to the wedding can help ease the pressure.

Instead of asking friends to help with all the wedding planning, you could ask acquaintances to help. Since these people might not be as close to you as friends, they’re more likely to be happy to help with the wedding preparations.

Honoring loved ones

While a wedding can be a joyous occasion, it can also be a difficult one for those left out. This can be especially true for those who have lost friends or family members. There are many ways to honor those who are missing from a wedding, including using flowers and signs to remember them.

During the ceremony, the officiant can read a special tribute to a loved one. If the loved one had a favorite treat, you can include it in the wedding favor. For example, a small box of fudge might bring back good memories for guests, especially if it was made with love. Another way to honor a loved one is to play their favorite song at the reception. This will also help keep the memory alive.

Reaching out to family members or friends of family

Sometimes, illness or death prevent your friends from being able to attend your wedding. Other times, your friends live too far away. Whatever the reason, having a wedding without friends can be awkward and stressful. If this situation applies to you, reach out to friends and family for help and advice. There are also online groups and forums where brides can get advice and support.

If you’re having an intimate wedding without close friends, you can choose to invite close family members or business partners. You can also invite your boss. This will make sure that your friends don’t feel excluded.


When deciding how to have a wedding without friends, consider elopement as one option. This type of ceremony is not about excluding anyone, but instead about starting your life together in a way that reflects your true love. There are some common misconceptions surrounding elopement, and we’ve broken down those myths in this guide.

First, you should make plans for telling your parents and friends. Many couples choose not to announce their plans to their families, but if you are able to tell your closest family and friends in advance, they will be able to be involved in the wedding planning process. This way, they won’t feel left out and will be more understanding.

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