How to Make Wedding Invitations Smell Good

How to Make Wedding Invitations Smell Good

A good way to create a pleasant ambiance at your wedding is to add a touch of fragrance. Scented candles, perfume bars, and lotions can all be used to enhance the mood. You can even place scented mini hand creams or body mists in guest restrooms.

Pop-up perfume bars

Making your wedding invitations smell good is an easy way to add a personal touch. There are many options available, and you can even create your own fragrances to complement your wedding theme or look. For more information about wedding invitation fragrances, contact a local perfume specialist or shop.

Adding wedding fragrances to wedding invitations is an easy way to give your guests an extra special memory of your special day. Whether it’s the food on your plate or the ambiance in the reception hall, incorporating a certain fragrance into your wedding day can be a wonderful way to add an extra touch to your wedding invitations.

How to Make Wedding Invitations Smell Good

Scented candles

Scented candles add an extra oomph to your wedding invitations, and they’re easy to place in different areas. They also look gorgeous and can double as aisle decorations. You can even find scented candles for cheap at &OtherStories and Zara Home.

Scented candles can be placed on tables to enhance the ambience of your reception venue. It’s a good idea to mix scented candles with unscented ones. You can also add dried flower petal confetti to the tables, which will last for hours. You can also place scented body mists or hand creams in the bathrooms.

Scented lotions

If you want to take your wedding invitations back to the days of old-fashioned weddings, try using a special perfume or fragranced stationary. You can also add fragranced cotton balls to the invitation boxes. You can let these sit for several weeks to allow the fragrance to settle. You can also use rose petals instead of confetti, or scented candles in your centerpieces.

A few simple scents will make your wedding invitations smell lovely and create a lasting impression on your guests. Lavender is a classic scent for any wedding, and is also a great choice for a rustic, country-chic celebration.

Candle diffusers

Scented candles not only smell good but can also add an elegant touch to your wedding invitations and wedding venue. A scented candle at the entrance or in the restrooms is a great way to welcome your guests with a subtle scent. In addition to candles, you can also place fragranced body mists and mini hand creams in your wedding’s restrooms.

Scented tealights can also be a great addition to your wedding. Candles in the shape of atomisers and tealights can be placed by the place names and add a romantic touch to your invitations.

How to Make Wedding Invitations Smell Good

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