how to say no kids at wedding

How to say no kids at wedding

When you are planning your dream wedding, you may not want to consider having children. However, if you are inviting someone with children, you will need to let them know if children are welcome at your wedding and if they are included in the parent’s invitation.

Sometimes you ask yourself, How to say no kids at wedding ?

For some couples, the more children at the wedding, the better. For others, the idea of ​​having children at a wedding seems tiresome, and they prefer a wedding without children.

If you want to have an adults-only wedding, it’s important to make this clear to your guests from the start. Learn about the appropriate wording for an adult-only wedding invitation, as well as the proper etiquette for a child-free wedding.

How to politely say that there will be no children at the wedding

Telling guests that their kids aren’t invited to your wedding can be a little embarrassing – some parents might get frustrated that they can’t bring their kids or that they’ll have to hire a nanny.

It is very important that you clearly but politely tell your guests that you are having a wedding without children. Learn how to politely say “no kids at my wedding” so guests don’t get offended.

Address invitations correctly

When you write out invitations, make sure that they are addressed to the invited guests, and not to the whole family. On the envelope and on the return card, write the invitation to “Mr. and Mrs. John Doe,” not “The Doe Family.”

Most wedding guests should understand that an invitation addressed to two adults does not include their children. Make sure your invitations are addressed to the people who are actually invited to a wedding without children.

Make it clear that this is an adults-only wedding

Addressing invitations only to adults is not enough. Be sure to state somewhere on the invitation itself or on the RSVP card that the wedding is for adults only. Later in the article, we will give examples of wording for an adult-only wedding so that you can choose the wording that suits you best.

You can simply write “Adults Only” somewhere on the invitation, or write a longer statement that mentions the capacity of your venue, the tone of the event, the time of the event, or other reasons for your wedding to be adults only.

Just make sure the invitation clearly states that only adults are invited and that children, unfortunately, cannot be included in their parents’ invitations.

Put it on the answer cards

If you are using answer cards to get guests to respond to an invitation, you can only mention it on the answer card. You can also clarify this by leaving space on the cards for adults only, or even writing their names to make it clear who is invited.

“Adults Only” mention on your wedding website

If you use a wedding site to share wedding news and information with your guests, mention on it that your wedding is a kids-only event. Many wedding websites have an FAQ section – this is a great place to mention that babies are not invited.

Wedding invitation wording without children

There are various ways to make it clear that children are not invited to your wedding. Here are some polite wedding invitation wording options that let guests know that your wedding is for adults only.

“Please join us for an adult-only reception at… .”

“This event is for adults only”

“Please note that our reception is for adults only.”

“Unfortunately, we cannot invite children to our wedding.”

“Come celebrate with us at the Adults Only Reception”

“Due to limited space, we cannot extend an invitation to your children”

“While we’d love to invite your children on our special day, due to budget/space constraints, we’re only asking adults to attend.”

“Due to restrictions at our facility, children under the age of 18 are not allowed to attend.”

“While we love your children, we have decided to keep our wedding for adults only.”

“We kindly ask that children under 16 years of age not be admitted to the reception.”

“While we can accommodate children at our wedding ceremony, we cannot invite them to our reception.” Let your hair down at your adult follow-up appointment!”

“While we adore your children, we cannot accommodate them at our wedding reception. We hope you understand us!”

Reasons to make your wedding child-free

Feel free to blame your choice to exclude children on the wedding venue, space, or limited budget.

To make your invitations more personal, you can also mention children directly. For example, you could send your cousin an invitation with the note: “While we’d love to see little Jacob and Claire dressed up, our party will only be for adults. We hope you can still join us!”

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