kids in wedding ceremony

Kids in wedding ceremony

Today we will talk all about tips on dealing with small kids in your wedding ceremony, all about how to manage having small children in your wedding party, if you have an adorable

niece or nephew and you just can’t wait to see them in a little flower girl dress or tuxedo but you’re a little stressed that they might not make it down the aisle, we definitely have some tips for you.

First and foremost you need to try to limit the number of small children in your wedding party, I know it seems adorable to have three flower girls and two ring bearers all under the age of four walk down the aisle, but odds are they’re not going to make it the less number of children you have the less stress you will have about getting them down the aisle typically I say anybody below the age of four is a wild card and no matter what they’re gonna do guests always think it’s adorable even throwing the fit in the middle of the aisle, trust me I’ve seen it but having just a few or maybe just one or two children in your wedding party will most definitely keep you the less stressed and you’re more successful when they make it down the aisle and then having a large group so when you’re considering which kids to ask to be part of your wedding party, you want it to make sure that you consider their ages and their.

personalities, like I said anybody under the age of four is a wild card and even if they’re well-behaved, they might be overwhelmed with the number of people looking at them when they’re getting ready to walk down the aisle and they might freak out when they might be too shot and turned right back around to where I’m standing is the wedding planner considering their personalities is also important normally well-behaved children are probably your best,  but if you have a wild child that you absolutely love in the door but they’re usually screaming and running around during your family occasions, they might not make the best ring bearer or flower girl when you’re considering who to choose you could also consider if there’s like an older sister or older brother above the age of four, like maybe between seven and ten that might be able to participate as well typically.

If there’s a loved one that they know that can walk with now children under 4 are more likely to walk down the aisle instead of going in a completely opposite direction.

kids in wedding ceremony

Now the day of the wedding you want to make sure that the kids that are in the wedding party arrive as late as possible, so definitely talk about the timing of your photos with your photographer to make sure that they’re in the pictures but that they don’t have to be there too early you want to make sure that they have time for a nap and they’ve been fed before they come on site, that way they’re in a good mood also you need to put on their fancy clothes as late as possible often times are not used to being that dressed up the shoes might be a little uncomfortable the tights or the dress might be a little too tight and it might make them fussy so keeping their comfy clothes, it’s probably best until the very last moment I’ve even seen some parents change your cute little kids into pajamas later during the reception just to make sure that they’re in a good mood also having an adult stand by can really help with the situation of getting them down the aisle as a wedding planner.

I typically choose a point person and that person knows if the little kid has any sort of malfunction or any type of temper tantrum, that adult knows that they are specifically the one to scoop them up and take them away from the ceremony.

When we’re planning the ceremony seating we make sure that adult has easy access to the child and the accident how you an adult stand by during the processional and making sure the child walks is also key to success if you have a kid that’s under 4 or if they have problems walking talk it over with the adult, and make sure that you’re okay with if the kids not going to make it the adult can scoop them up and walk down the aisle holding them.

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