Wedding List Why Is It Only Special People Have Special Weddings

Weddings are notably known to be one of the happiest day`s in a person life and yet everyone cries at them. The mind boggles? Could it be about losing a son or daughter or could it be that others know what lays ahead if the couple that are about to marry get it wrong when organizing their wedding list leaving them with a huge amount of debt.

Wedding list arrangements should be carefully planned well in advance to save any heartache at a later date like when setting up a home or even having to put on hold the sound of tiny feet that pitter patter in the night because of financial difficulties. This is not the way to start married life, what it can be is – the start of divorce proceedings if not careful.

Weddings planned on a budget are just as special as the wedding that is not. The only difference is that one costs more than the other. An organized wedding list or rota prioritizing your wedding in stages will prove to be a stress free task.

We are all aware that two heads are better than one, so why not have a friend or member of the family sit down with you and write a wedding list too. Then compare each others notes. You will be surprised how some wedding essentials are easily overlooked. Remember to itemise all wedding ideas onto a master copy wedding list.

Once the wedding list has been finalized with all what is needed for your wedding, call up your friend once again for some advice on how they think you can save money on the more costly items like the venue hall, wedding cars, reception etc.

Cost effective can be effective if done tastefully especially like that the arranging of the bridal bouquet or wedding cake. Homemade cakes are just as tasty/delicious and the flowers just as fresh created by your own hand. Other ways of saving on the pennies is to have family members help with the wedding catering – instead of a sit down lavish meal settle for the running buffet – don`t you just lavish the thought.

Wedding invitations can also be specially designed to match the theme of your wedding by you yourself with the help of a home computer – which I hasten to add is another great way to find ideas and tips from online wedding sites that give out free information on how to make your wedding day special. The options are endless for the future bride and groom to even out their bank balance to cover the cost.

Special weddings are planned by special people who want something special out of life and if that is to have a happy life then that has to be the most special wedding essential to be itemised on that wedding list.

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