What To Do with Wedding Cards

What to do with wedding cards

Wedding cards are an important part of your wedding and memories, but what about wedding cards? They have great sentimental value and should be treated with extreme caution. You should save your wedding cards in case you want to show them later! Although you may want to hold onto them while you decide whether to keep and display the card or recycle it. Keep reading this blog for ideas on how to display your postcard!

Should I keep wedding cards?

You should keep your wedding cards for as long as you want to display them in your home to commemorate your wedding. Once you enjoy displaying them in your home, consider saving them in another way. Wedding cards are not like other types of greeting cards that you might not keep until your next holiday, birthday, or celebration. A wedding card celebrates a unique and special once-in-a-lifetime event that you want to remember for a lifetime.

Minted is always a great option for wedding cards!

So yes, you should definitely save your wedding cards after the wedding because you might want to re-read them in the future. That way, even if you decide not to keep them, at least you won’t regret throwing them out too soon. One idea is to keep them until at least your first wedding anniversary and then decide if you will recycle them or come up with another option that you can enjoy for a long time.

What to do with wedding cards

When it comes to deciding what to do with wedding cards, it’s important to remember that it’s better to wait to decide what to do with them than to make a hasty decision. You may want to hold them for a while to think about how you want to display them and eventually save them. It will be better than throwing them away with other wedding favours and decorations that you might not save.

It’s easy to think that you won’t need most items after your wedding, and it’s true. But your wedding cards will contain the most heartfelt messages from your close family and friends that you won’t be able to repeat later. We can easily think of greeting cards as any birthday or holiday, but your wedding stands out among all these celebrations as a sacred celebratory event.

How to post wedding cards

Wedding cards can be placed at home as you like. Of course, you can hang them like Christmas cards on a mantelpiece, or countertop, or even hang them on cabinets and other surfaces throughout your home as decoration. These are the best options if you want to enjoy the cards this way and then think about how to creatively transform them into something else. Of course, you can do it right away.

Other wedding card display options include framed artwork made from your wedding cards in a shape or symbol that has meaning to you as a couple. You can also scan an image of a piece of art and turn it into a quilt. There are many options if you want to keep the messages contained in your wedding cards for a long time. By taking a high-quality photograph, you also have many options for keeping these messages as a keepsake.

wedding card keepsake book
One of our favourite ideas for long-term storage of wedding cards is to place them in a keepsake book. This is a great idea because you get the best of both worlds. You can store your wedding cards just like you would wedding photos or other memorabilia, but they don’t take up a lot of space. This is perfect for a coffee table or other books. It can also become a decorative element if you design the wedding book in the colours of your wedding and in a style that matches your home decor.

You can bind wedding cards like in the photo below, or spend a little more money to make them more like a book with the ability to flip through them to your heart’s content. Of all the ways to store wedding cards—whether in the form of a piece of art on display in your home, a postcard quilt, or a modern symbol—we like this one the most because it’s important to be able to pick up a book from time to time and read the messages. separately.

This is definitely something that can become a tradition for your wedding anniversary. This could be the start of your anniversary date!

what to do with wedding cards
I hope this article helped answer your question about what to do with wedding cards. You should know that you have choices when it comes to how to store them and how best to save them.

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